Working remote: today a reality more than ever

May 26, 2020

Working remote: today a reality more than ever banner

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we want to recognize this unprecedented event. Many people and companies are experiencing uncertain times, taking action to fight the virus.

One of the biggest shifts will be that people are advised to stay and work from home, so this could very well become the biggest shift in remote working in the history of mankind.

While nomadify has always been a big advocate of remote working, we do understand some people need to get used to this new situation the coming time. Therefore, we picked some of our favourite tools to boost your productivity and safety.

  • Brave – a blazing-fast browser that eliminates ads and trackers
  • Zoom – the number one ranked video conferencing tool
  • Jira – plan, track, and manage your agile projects
  • Slack – a chat room and collaboration hub for the whole company
  • Team Time Zone – a slack app that helps you view your team time zones

If haven’t heard of these tools we hope they will help you. Remember, if you can live through this rough patch, you may emerge a remote working hero on the other end.